About Us

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Our Vision

Supreme soul is not only provide solutions related Designing, Web, 3D Animation or Digital Marketing but also a good Training Organisation. We want to work going beyond the boundaries. Everyone who engaged with our organisation that may be client or a student we will provide them such a platform through which he or she can earn easily.

Our Story

World is full of opportunities only the person should stand at right time at the right place. Whatever we learnt from the experience and that we want to use. we have started with a big vision of miles. We are not only thinking of material world but the eternal world is also important. Everybody should think about stable mind, pies and love.We want to spread a massage of mind pies to everyone because in this digital world it is very important for Human.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Arvinnd Tipule is the founder of Supreme soul. Since early age engaged with social activities. By profession 3D Artist, big experience in Virtual reality and simulator development. Also good experience in Digital Marketing and Affiliation Marketing.


Next Steps…Social Activity…

Very soon we will arrange the events in which we provide free seminar and guidance of our prachin yoga, related mind stability.

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